The World Real Tennis Doubles Championships

April 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am – April 23, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

Prested Hall is extremely proud to have been chosen by The Tennis and Racket Association to host The World Real Tennis Doubles Championships at its home in Feering, Essex, in April 2017.


Real Tennis (the forerunner of today’s lawn tennis) is the world’s oldest racket game, originally played in the cloisters of monasteries, with a hard handmade ball and an asymmetrical wooden racket.  Today it is played on 27 courts in the UK, and at courts in the USA, France and Australia.  It is a fascinating game of speed, guile and strategy, sometimes likened to a combination of squash, chess and snooker on court.


The World Doubles Championships comes to the UK every 8 years.  This is their first visit to Essex.


Prested has been selected to host this prominent event because of its success and outstanding record in the field of real tennis.  Dedicated and consistent support of juniors has produced 2 ladies’ world champions (the local Vigrass sisters, from Inworth, of whom Claire is considered the best lady player ever), head coach Ricardo Smith (ex the Gilbert School in Colchester), now among the top doubles players in the world.  With another two progressing from our younger players, Prested has produced as many pros as almost any other club since it opened, in 1999.  Prested boasts the only pair of privately funded courts ever built, and it is fitting that this event has been awarded to the club in recognition of its positive contribution to the game.



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