Murder Mystery Night

March 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Join us for an evening of mystery and intrigue at Prested Hall for one of our ever popular Murder Mystery Nights. Enjoy a delicious 2-course fork buffet while the story unfolds before you.



The Spy Who Killed Me

James Blonde, secret agent for MI 6 is dead! He may have lived twice, but as of today it looks as though he has said “never” for the last time. His license to kill has expired along with him.


Test your skills as a detective to see if you can unmask the mystery killer. The event begins promptly at 7pm and finishes at 11pm.


Tickets costs £35.95pp and include food and entertainment.


For further information or to book your place please contact us on 01376 573300 or email



The suspects:

Boris Blastimov (Renegade Russian General)

With thick Russian accent and thicker fur hat, Boris is rarely without his army uniform and regulation boots, even if his loyalties lie elsewhere.


Diane Otherday (MI 6 agent)

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly attractive, Diane Otherday has always been able to turn heads.


Des Truct (Megalomaniac)

Big, bold and brash, Des Truct is one of the brightest minds of our generation, it’s just a shame he puts all his creative energy into such destructive projects!


Leticia Bomb (Scientist and specialist in postal assassinations)

With a strange interest in electronics and chemical fertilizer, Leticia Bomb is a smart and sassy professional who seems to post an awful lot of letters.


Franco Scaryminger (Assassin)

With an extra nipple and a taste for the exotic, Franco Scaryminger is tanned, expensively suited and tends to carry a golden gun somewhere on his person.


Golden Eyes (Thief)

Resplendent in the latest fashions, Golden Eyes is eminently desirable, but underneath her honey-like exterior lies a cold-hearted killer just waiting to strike.



Walter P. Peekay (Arms dealer)

A wealthy businessman whose dealings have always been on the shady side, Walter P. Peekay is known to have an interest in armaments and investments in some very dubious countries.



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