A Dream Come True
The creation of a 2-court Real Tennis centre is the achievement of the Club’s owner, Mike Carter, who was introduced to the game when he was at university. Since then, he has had a passion for the game, and felt it should be enjoyed and celebrated by more people. He was determined at some point in his life, to build a court (or two!) … and at Prested he found his spot. The centre opened in 1999.
The Prested Courts
The game is played on an indoor court with a central net. The game was originally played in the cloisters of monasteries, a courtyard with sloping surrounding walls – and this space is replicated in modern Real Tennis courts.
The courts are fully insulated, with under-floor heating, and one of the courts features a glass “grille” wall, ensuring excellent and exciting viewing for a large audience. There is only one other court with this feature in the world. We also have a viewing gallery above the side penthouses, and the traditional viewing area, known as the “dedans”.
Our Professionals
Claire Vigrass, the current Ladies World Champion who learnt her real tennis at Prested at the age of 12, has returned here as our Head Professional.  She currently has the lowest handicap ever of a female player and is constantly challenging male professionals.  She is ably assisted by another ‘Prested original’ Lewis Williams, who is the current British U21 Champion.

Visitors can enjoy watching them practise together – ring the Real Tennis department to find out when you can catch them on court or playing a National League match.

Tennis-only members can go for a swim after playing.
Full Club members can also enjoy the gym, 20m pool and sauna, and the Astro lawn tennis courts.
A Game for All Ages
Real Tennis is not only the world’s oldest racket game, it is also the most fascinating and satisfying, for young and old alike.
Rob Fahey, at 45, has won his 11th World Title (and will be going for his 12th in May 2014), meaning he has been champion for an astonishing 20 years! In how many highly physical sports could this happen?
At the other extreme, Prested protégée, and now Head Professional Claire Vigrass, is Ladies’ World Champion at the age of only 20. Uniquely, Real Tennis, because it is also a game of experience, tactics and thinking rapidly on your feet. You’re never too old for this game!
All players are allotted a handicap which enables them to play against any other player. Their starting score is determined by the handicap difference between the two (or four) players.
Tournaments and Master Classes
Real Tennis members at Prested enjoy various national tournaments – both as individuals and with club teams, and enjoy Prested in-house tournaments.
Residential Real Tennis Breaks
We welcome groups from other clubs for mid-week residential breaks at Prested Hall, where they can enjoy court time at the Club, and, if they wish, take advantage of some extra coaching from Ricardo, Lewis or Steve.
If they come with non-playing partners, there is lots for them to enjoy at Prested – at The Health Club, Spa, or just enjoying a relaxing country break.
Other Courts
There are courts in Australia, the USA, France – 46 in the world. The other two-court centres are in London, New York, Melbourne and Cambridge.
Real Tennis News Worldwide
For the latest country-and world-wide Real Tennis news please visit or These sites contain news and message boards and also contain the international web-based handicapping calculator and registry – essential viewing for all players. In order to log-on as a full user you need to be vouched for by your club, so let us know if you are a member and want to become recognised. The professionals also have their own
House Rules
Please note Prested operates a no smoking policy throughout its premises. We regret that pets are not permitted inside the Club or Hall.

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