Join us for an evening of mystery and intrigue at Prested Hall for one of our ever popular Murder Mystery Nights. Enjoy a delicious 3 course meal while the story unfolds around you.

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Halloween Scream

Halloween – the traditional day for trick or treat and fancy dress parties; a season heavily marketed by “haunted” hotels and theme parks; an evening where everyone half expects something to go “bump” in the night.

And this evening, at Dunnem Inn – a hotel nominated for “Britain’s Most Haunted” – something has gone “bump”.  Or rather, someone… as Lesley Downe, wife of Count Downe, co-owner of Dunnem Inn is dead.

The question is… was she scared to death by their ghost – or is there a much more earthly cause of her demise?

Tickets costs £40pp and include food and entertainment.





Spiced pumpkin soup served with crunchy croutons ‘v’

Crab, prawn & avocado timbale, toasted lemon bread

Ham hock terrine, piccalilli & farmhouse bread

Main Courses


Roast sirloin of beef, roasted potatoes served with Yorkshire pudding and traditional jus

Blackened cod fillet, spiced tomato salsa, creamed potatoes

Filo parcel of roasted Mediterranean vegetables, puy lentils & goat’s cheese, red pepper sauce ‘v’



Orchard fruit crumble tart, custard

Dark chocolate & coffee mousse, cinnamon cream, langue de chat biscuits

Pecan pie, maple syrup

Followed by freshly brewed tea or coffee and mints

For further information or to book your place please contact us on 01376 573300 or email


The suspects:

Yvonne Bitemeneck – Self-proclaimed vampire hunter.

Fond of twilight and late evenings, Yvonne is a seductive Goth, prone to flights of fancy.

Count Downe – Owner of Dunnem Inn.

Always smartly dressed in his dark suit and cape, Count Downe has a fondness for full-bodied wines.

Carrie Onwailin – Receptionist at Dunnem Inn.

Easily frightened, pale and ghostly, Carrie Onwailin is scared of her own shadow, especially when dressed up for Halloween!

Seymour Gools – Celebrity ghost hunter.

With a tweed jacket and an array of electronic gizmos, Seymour is ardent in his pursuit of spectral anomalies.


Lisa Cauldron – Local apothecary.

Somewhat cranky and best to be avoided when working, Lisa is usually dressed in dishevelled black and is often found talking to herself.

Lucas Fang – Night porter at the Dunnem Inn.

Somewhat hairy and prone to howling at the moon, Lucas has a bit of a split personality.  You never know quite where you stand with him!

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